Live at Kitty's


I currently sing and play guitar for:
SadMonsterParty (hard rock) and
East Orchard Strings (instrumental small ensemble for parties).

I also produce electronic music and play bass & keys for Radiant Devices.

I have gigged with Freak Freely (top 40), The Pastaways (Misfits-influenced punk), Nocturnal Uprising (goth/industrial), and Natalie Ivnik (pop) on bari guitar & vocals.

I have subbed with Burnside and Hooker (blues/folk) and Furious Frank (gypsy punk) on bass, and Drunken Skunk (classic rock) on guitar.

I have gigged at The Metro, Lincoln Hall, Wicker Park's "Green Fest", "MetalFest" @ Freakster's Roadhouse, The Horseshoe, plus all the venues listed for Freak Freely and Sad Monster Party.