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My name is Mike Bibby, I am a full time musician and the manager of Naperville Music's very successful "Rock School" program. I'm experienced in software development. I have a C++ programming certificate, and have worked professionally with Microsoft Access and Excel, as well as Lotus Notes. I've also completed and distributed music education software using Java, patcher programming (Max/MSP and PureData), and built an iOS app, as well as this web site using HTML/CSS.


Bachelor's degree - Computer Music and New Media Technology
(2004 - 2007)
Major GPA - 4.0
Classes in Business, Assembler programming, advanced mathematics (Trigonometry and Finite Mathematics).
Emphasis on digital signal processing of acoustic instruments, digital instrument design.

Please contact me for a full resume as well as a list of references: If you'd like to contact me, you'll have to type my email address manually; I do this to cut down on spam.

Here is my "musician's resume".